Citizen Erased


This is a first for Citizen Erased. We have never really hidden our love for digital culture; naturally, this means there’s a special place in our heart for anime as well. Enjoy our first video essay on one of our all-time favourites: Serial Experiments Lain.

The first episode of the series features the 4th episode of the animated series, titled “I’m still me.” Lain, our teen protagonist, contends that she still feels as her usual self and in control, yet the line between ‘reality’ and the online network called “Wired” is worryingly getting blurry. So, we are left wondering: is she still herself, and what does it mean anyway?

The deep and nuanced depiction of psychological and existential distress that individuals felt in the dawn of the 20th century and the labyrinthine concept of the Internet makes this anime a great watch. We won’t bother you more with words; enjoy our video.